last updated by Ian on Mar 25, 2024

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Current branch: v0.32.0

Ready to join Campfire, our community-run Namada testnet? 🔥

This is the “trust me bro” setup, where basically you just trust us because you want to get up and running in like 10 minutes. Alternatively you can build your Namada node from source, either from Heliax’s Github or with our “build from scratch” setup found on the Campfire Namada testnet page.


1. Create a new droplet (aka instance) on DigitalOcean.

After you have a DigitalOcean account, create a droplet. If you're only planning to use the droplet for a couple of days, use a more powerful (and more expensive option). If you're planning to keep it running for a weeks/months, use a more cost-effective option and monitor resource consumption. We recommend at least: Intel 8gb RAM, 2 CPUs, 160gb SSD storage

a) If you're new and trying stuff out, use a password instead of SSH key (warning: for testing only; not a secure way to operate in production). Check the box Add improved metrics monitoring and alerting (free)

b) Create the droplet. Get the IP address for your droplet.

c) Remotely connect to your droplet with Terminal (MacOS) or Command Prompt (Windows). Use this command: ssh root@[ip address]

It may take a couple of minutes after creating the droplet to be able to connect, so wait a minute and try again if the connection fails. Then enter 'yes' and input the droplet password when asked. (FYI, in production you would use SSH keys and user accounts, not root)