last updated by Gavin on Dec 8, 2023

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Namada v0.28.0 was refactored, some CLI commands on this page may be deprecated!

Have your node up and running? Great! You can start with the preliminary stuff.

No node? With DigitalOcean, you can go From scratch to syncing in 10 minutes or less on our community-run Namada Namada Campfire testnet . Then check out the preliminary stuff.

v0.32.0 - shielding IBC assets

v0.32.1 injecting gov proposal

Changing chains

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Preliminary stuff (before getting started)

Is your node running using our Namada Campfire testnet instructions? This command accesses your node’s Docker container so that you can start using the Namada CLI:

docker exec -it $CONTAINER /bin/bash